The Musical Me is home to the largest group of primary teachers working together to level up primary music education.

Founded by primary music specialists Corinne & Pete, they are now on a mission to transform the start of every child’s musical journey. We are now supporting primary teachers across the globe every day through CPD Training, Resources & Specialised Support Team. This means that alongside In-Person CPD Training in your school, we can offer continued support, unlimited resources & online training throughout the year to every single staff member in your school

Olive Hill Primary Academy, Birmingham

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What We Delivered :
  • 2 Hour Twilight CPD Session focused on singing, performing & music theory.
  • 2 Days of Music Interventions, working towards rewriting the music curriculum to be engaging, inspiring & modern. 

Customer Reviews

What teachers think!

"This is by far the best music course I have ever been on. I am somebody with no music background and know very little about the music curriculum. I have learnt so much by doing this course. I have learnt lots of ways to support children and provides lots of ideas to support my lessons."
Lindsey B
Primary Teacher
"Really impressed with the CPD offered. The content of the courses is delivered clearly, with passion, and is easy to understand. These courses serve as a great refresher for experienced musicians, and as a fantastic introduction to the theory of music for non-musicians. This course has offered me great comfort."
Ellie Hayward Stott
Music Co-ordinator
"I wish 'The Musical Me' had been around years ago! As teachers we spend so long re-inventing the wheel, over and over again that my wheel is about to fall off! Finding someone who says, 'What resources would you like to see?' and then BANG....they are brilliant. It's a great time saving resource site with people who actually listen to your requirements and make it happen."
Karen Davies
Primary Teacher
"I have had a great experience with The Musical Me! Really engaging and easily accessible. I have learnt a lot about teaching music through their content - both to my subject knowledge and in my approach to teaching this part of the curriculum. I feel the CPD they offer has supported me in gaining confidence in this curriculum area and encouraged me to include more music within my teaching I would wholeheartedly recommend!"
Kate Potter
Primary Teacher

2 Hour CPD Training

Twlight / Inset / In School
  • Music Knowledge Checks
  • Teaching Engaging Music Lessons
  • Curriculum Support

1-1 Support

Music Co-Ordinators / Class Teachers
  • Working Through Student Outcomes
  • Confidence Boosting
  • Curriculum Support

The Full Package

CPD Training & 1-1 Support
  • 2 Hour CPD Training
  • 1-1 Support With Key Staff Members
  • Online Resources For All Staff Members For A Full Year

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