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25 Free Primary Music Teaching Resources Sample Pack

Elevate your music teaching with the “25 Free Primary Music Teaching Resources Sample Pack” from The Musical Me. Designed for primary educators, this comprehensive pack covers a wide array of subjects and skills, making it the perfect addition to any classroom looking to integrate music into their curriculum. Whether you’re teaching early years, KS1, or KS2, our resources are tailored to enhance learning through an engaging, interactive approach.

Included in Your Free Pack:

  • Body Percussion PowerPoint: Dive into the basics of body percussion with activities suitable for EYFS to KS2. Develop rhythm and coordination while exploring creative expression through movement and sound.
  • Interactive PowerPoint Games: Transform your classroom into an exciting learning environment with games that teach musical instruments, the history of pop music, and more.
  • Songwriting and Composition: Unleash your students’ creativity with songwriting worksheets and detailed lessons on crafting choruses and full songs.
  • Historical Insights: Travel back in time with our presentations on different music periods, including the Classical period and the evolution of various music genres like gospel and blues.
  • Practical Applications: Engage students with real-world applications of music theory, from learning the basics of GarageBand to exploring ukulele chords.
  • Sorting and Categorizing Sounds: Develop auditory skills with interactive sorting activities that challenge students to categorize different sounds and musical instruments.
  • Specialized Worksheets and Quizzes: From the basics of music theory to more advanced quizzes like identifying intervals and key signatures, our resources are designed to reinforce learning and assess understanding.

This free pack not only supports music education but also integrates seamlessly into broader academic subjects, helping to foster an appreciation for music while enhancing overall academic skills. Download your “25 Free Primary Music Teaching Resources Sample Pack” today and transform the way you teach music!

Why Choose Our Resources?

  • Educationally Rich: Each resource is developed by experts to ensure educational rigor and relevance.
  • Engaging and Interactive: From quizzes to full-blown musical compositions, our resources keep students interested and involved.
  • Easy to Integrate: Whether you’re a seasoned music teacher or a general classroom teacher, these resources are straightforward to use and adaptable to various teaching styles.

Perfect for teachers looking to bring more music into their classrooms or to enhance their existing music curriculum. Tap into the potential of music education with our free resources and watch your students thrive!

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