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Training Success Tracks

Pitch Perfect - How To Sing Confidently In Your Classroom (3-5 Hours To Complete)

1. Confidently sing with clear pitch & tone.
2. Lead effective vocal warm-up's for all ages.
3. Master singing techniques for improved performance.
4.Apply knowledge practically in solo and group settings.

Key Music Theory - The Theory Course For Teachers (3-5 Hours To Complete)

1. Master musical terminology: rhythmic, dynamic, and notation basics.
2. Develop skills to confidently read music notation on stave.
3.Apply music theory essentials in practical classroom teaching.
4. Learn fundamentals: intervals, tonality, rhythmic notation for better teaching.

Follow The Leader - Conducting & Leading A Music Class/Group (3-5 Hours To Complete)

1. Lead music groups confidently with rhythmic counts and cues.
2. Conduct song section changes with clear gestures and cues.
3. Understand basic music theory to enhance music lessons.
4. Lead large groups effectively, emphasizing leadership and conducting

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