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GarageBand Primary Resources / Make An Awesome Song!

Making A Song In Garageband – Powerpoint Presentation

Garageband Primary Resources that you & your class will absolutely love.

In part 1 of this series, we give you a full lesson plan & presentation on creating your first song in Garageband. Based on Shotgun by George Ezra, this lesson will teach them how to create drums, a keyboard & guitar, before setting them the challenge of recording in a bass guitar and strings.

Any teacher will tell you exactly what important resource technology saves – your time! However, using technology in the music classroom offers so much more than just bells & whistles for your teaching. For a start, it motivates your students to learn. Even artistic students are tech-savvy nowadays. Using this technology in your music class engages your class, and multiplies the fun! Advances in music technology also enhance students’ ability to create music. This means that your children can now see music technology as another instrument they’ve learned during your time with you. Finally, music technology allows every single child to work at their own pace!

This is part 1 in our Making A Song In Garageband Series. Click here to check out the other songs your children can create in our full range of Garageband Primary Resources.

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