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The Ultimate KS1 Music Activity / Can You Tap The Beat?

Tap The Beat – A Fun EYFS & KS1 Activity

This KS1 Music Activity is specifically designed to teach your class all about the beat/pulse.

It allows you to physically show where the beat lies in a song they all know & love. Can your class clap along while singing the tune?

The beat/pulse is one of the most fundamental concepts in music. It’s the ongoing, steady, repetitive pulse that occurs in songs, chants, rhymes, and music. It’s the part that makes you want to tap your toes, clap your hands, or jump up and dance like no one is watching. Even newborn babies respond to the steady beat of the music, and that’s no surprise when you consider they have been listening to the steady beat of their mother’s heart from inside the womb. 

Most children learn to keep a steady beat while swaying, clapping, moving their arms, and beating a loud, booming drum. This skill will help a child prepare to later use scissors, a hammer, a saw, a whisk, and all kinds of other tools. Not to mention, it’s absolutely essential to learning a musical instrument.

If your class are finding this KS1 music activity too easy, why not try sticking on a song that the kids know and love like ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ and see if they can keep the beat!

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