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Musical Chants Flashcards - Fun KS1 Curriculum Resources

Musical Chants Flashcards – Fun Music Curriculum Resources KS1

This musical chants resource will help your class match the pattern to the musical rhythm!

In the Model Music Curriculum it states that children must :

Perform short copycat rhythm patterns accurately, led by the teacher.
• Perform short repeating rhythm patterns (ostinati) while keeping in time with a
steady beat.
• Perform word-pattern musical chants (e.g. ca-ter-pil-lar crawl, fish and chips); create, retain
and perform their own rhythm patterns.

Use these musical chants flashcards to help your children understand these word pattern chants, and practice them with a friend. There is one sheet that has the rhythm and corresponding patterns on, while the other 2 are for helping your children practice them by figuring out which pattern goes with which set of words.

For more flashcards you can see our full available sets here

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