Exploring Hip Hop – Lesson One – Remixing A Rap!(Full Presentation)

Teaching your primary school all about Hip-Hop has never been easier. Download our primary school Hip Hop resources and away you go. Hip-Hop is being recognised as a positive and inspiring form of music to engage your children in. However, you do have to be careful not to show them anything from the hardcore gangsta rap end of the spectrum. With its driving beat, creative lyrics, and a strong emphasis on alliteration, rhyme & rhythm, its many positive influences within the primary school are not only exemplified by its name (which came from hippity hop, and American slang word for dancing), but it directly appeals to youngsters brains discovering the joy of lyrics, language and words for the first time.

In part 1 of our lesson series on hip-hip (you can view all of our primary school hip-hop resources here), we dive into remixing the lyrics of rap. Taking The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air & Baker Boy as an example, we explore the lyrics, and the meaning behind them, before rewriting them to be about your children and their experiences.

This lesson helps you make your class really think about the music & lyrics they’re listening to, asking questions like ‘How does this song make you feel?’ and ‘What is the message behind this song?’ are great conversation starters to help your class explore hip-hop further.

This is part of our series of fully made lesson presentations on hip-hop. Click here to view the whole series.

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