World Music Day 2022 [Cross Curricular Lesson Plans & Resources]

World Music Day 2022, We’ve got you covered. This is the place to start making your primary schools’ World Music Day 2022 the best yet. It includes cross-curricular lesson plans combining music with your children’s favourite subjects like KS1 Maths, KS1 Science, KS1 Art, KS1 English, KS1 Geography, KS2 History, KS2 Maths, KS2 Science, KS2 Art, KS2 English & KS2 Geography. This is presented in an easy-to-understand format with 17 accompanying resources so that you have everything you need to teach these lessons with the click of a button.

Alongside the detailed lesson plans, we have bundled in some general resources which include whole-school ideas, song review sheets, a colourful poster, an assembly outline, and our popular listening buddy worksheet, which lets your children choose a song for another classmate to listen to.

Combine this lesson plan pack with any of our interactive Powerpoint games, and your World Music Day 2022 will be an inspiring winner.

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