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5 Easy Music Lesson Ideas For Supply Teachers

5 Easy Music Lesson Ideas For Supply Teachers

Here are five easy music lesson ideas that you can use to keep your students interested and excited about learning music.

These music lesson ideas can be adapted to suit different age groups and skill levels, and they don’t require a lot of preparation or advanced knowledge of music. Whether you’re teaching a one-time class or filling in for a long-term substitute, these ideas will help you make the most of your time in the music classroom. As a supply teacher, you may not have the luxury of planning long-term music lesson plans for your students. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still make music class engaging and fun for your students.

1. “Name That Tune” Game:

This classic game is a great way to introduce students to new music and test their knowledge of popular songs. Have students listen to a short clip of a song using Youtube or Spotify and have them guess the title and artist. You can play this game with any age group and it can be adapted to include different genres of music.

2. “Create Your Own Song” Activity:

This activity is a great way to get students thinking creatively and expressing themselves through music. Have students work in small groups or individually to create their own original song using a specific set of chords or a particular theme. Encourage them to use their imagination and be as creative as possible.

3. “Music Around the World” Lesson:

This lesson is a great way to introduce students to different cultures and their music. Have students research a specific country or region and present their findings to the class. This can include information on the history of the music, the instruments used, and famous musicians from the area.

4. “Musical Scavenger Hunt”:

This activity is a fun way to get students moving and interacting with music. Create a list of musical items or concepts (such as a specific chord progression, or a certain type of instrument) and have students search for examples in songs they know.

5. “Musical Debate”:

This activity allows students to express their opinions and defend their musical tastes. Have students debate different musical topics such as which band is the best, what is the best music video, or which album is the greatest of all time. Divide students into teams and let them present their arguments.

These are just a few easy music lesson ideas for supply teachers. With a little creativity and flexibility, you can make music class a fun and engaging experience for students of all ages and skill levels. So why not take one of these music lesson ideas into the classroom the next time you have to plan a lesson on the fly!

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