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6 Steps To Achieve Engaging Music Lessons

Achieving engaging music lessons throughout the year can seem like the impossible dream sometimes, however by following these six steps you will soon be on your way!

Let Your Rockstar Attitude Shine Through

Make sure that the children look up to you as a ‘rockstar’. Even if you can only play a simple melody on an instrument, or sing a little bit of a song confidently, that’s enough! Just having the confidence to play in front of your class makes them see you as that rockstar figure who they look up to.

Make All Your Lessons Have A Practical Element

If you think back to your time in school, I’m sure your favourite lessons never involved sitting in the classroom staring at a whiteboard. Music should be fun. It’s so easy to make a game or activity out of every musical element. Why not try it today, just take a written musical activity, and turn it on it’s head. How could you accomplish the same thing in a practical way?

Teach Music That Your Children Like (And Can Relate To!)

Instantly connect with your children by playing and listening to songs that they actually like. All kinds of music are valuable resources for teaching. There is no need to stick to the genres that have traditionally been associated with music lessons, such as classical and baroque music.

Use Music Technology!

A lot of teachers forget (or are scared of) using music technology. But this is such a powerful tool for a 21st century teacher! Introducing music technology into the classroom is the perfect way to begin achieving engaging music lessons. Start off easily by using an app like Garageband on an iPad. This allows your children to play instruments that they’d never have access to in a classroom, and is a powerful entry into the world of recording & music production.

Create A Class YouTube Channel

Filming your classes achievements and recording can be really powerful. Get your class to share it with their family & friends. Make music videos for their recordings! You can continue to add to the channel every term and this will give you and your students a place to look back on their progress over the years. The amount of children who will engage with your lessons if they know they’re going to be on YouTube is incredible!

Encourage Your Students To Make Music Together

Don’t let your students musical excitement stop when they leave the classroom. Whether you want to try and get some of your class to make a band, a choir or a rap group, be the one that pushes them to create music together outside of the classroom.

So there you have it! Six steps that you can take today with your class to achieve engaging music lessons. For more information and engaging music lessons resources just click here!

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