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Our Top 5 Best End of Term Music Activities!

You’ve done it, you’ve made it to the end of another term congratulations – can you almost taste the glass of wine you’ll be having when you put your feet up on the sofa? I know I can! The end of term is a fantastic time to pull out some fun, engaging activities that leave you with less stress on your plate, and a happy class having some fun. So here are our 5 best end of term activities:

  1. End of term music quiz

Celebrate the end of term with a fun, and interactive music quiz! Test the class’s knowledge with some interactive questions. Don’t have time to write a quiz? Don’t worry, we’ve got one ready-made just for this occasion so feel free to download it.

  1. Get creative and compose!

The End of term is a fantastic time to allow your kids a little more freedom when composing in the classroom. So why not get the instruments out and see what they can create! If you have Ipads, you can use softwares such as Garageband or Incredibox, alternatively there are other softwares such as Chrome Music Lab which are a great alternative if you don’t have access to Apple products. Sometimes though the best way to compose is to go back to the very basics and write the music down, or…..cut and stick!

  1. Colouring In

Take this opportunity to whip out the crayons, felt tips and paint using a fun colouring activity the class will love! Getting them to design their own instruments, band or music logo is a great way to combine both art and music skills. Need some inspiration? Here’s some colouring in packs that are ready to print and go!

  1. Have a Sing-A-Long

Sometimes all you need to do is just have a good old fashioned sing-a-long, and the end of term is the best time to dust off those vocal cobwebs and end on a high note (literally!). Find some songs that the kids will know AND love and look for a karaoke version. This way you don’t need to print any lyrics and you can join in yourself. Like this.

  1. Use Flashcards 

Want something a bit more interesting? Why not try doing a flashcard musical challenge. Give your children challenges that will get them exploring the sounds of a variety of instruments. Can they find the lowest sound, the highest sound? Can they play the fastest beat? The slowest beat? This is a great activity when you’re looking for something the kids can handle themselves with little guidance necessary.

These are just a few ways you can have a great end of term week. However, the fun doesn’t stop there! We have put together hundreds of resources including posters, games, play-a-longs, printables and many more! All for KS1/2 as well as some cross-curricular activities! You can access unlimited downloads here.

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